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This season USAD's curricular theme explores such topics as music and the natural world; economics of climate change; environmental art; plus more. Solar Storms by Linda Hogan is the selected long work of literature. This online competition is across seven academic subjects: Art, Economics, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science and Social Science. Check out the entire curriculum.

Depending on your team status, there are up to 4 rounds of competition. All 4 rounds include 7 objection tests. Participants also write an essay for the final round.

Who Can Qualify for the Individual Competition

  • Decathletes from a team eliminated from competing at the state level. Decathletes cannot be members of a team that has been selected to represent their state at the face-to-face Nationals in Divisions I-IV or an Invited team, or in the online Nationals as large, medium or small school.
  • Secondary teams from schools with multiple teams.
  • Alternates or non-team members affiliated with the school’s Academic Decathlon program.
  • Individuals that are not affiliated with a team.

What to do Today

  • Individuals who are not affiliated with a team, sign-up at USADic.org.
  • Alternates and those who are non-team members who can’t participate in their state competition, sign-up later in the season at USADic.org.
  • Once Decathletes have been eliminated prior to national team competition, sign-up at USADic.org.

    • Fee Schedule to Join the USAD Individual Competition

      *In order to compete in Round IV (Nationals), a copy of the student’s official school transcript(s) from the previous two years needs to be received by the deadline, one week before the Round IV essay and art testing date. Check the USADic.org website for important dates and additional information.

Online Testing

All competitions will be held online on the official USAD online testing site. For test security reasons, USAD is unable to reschedule the dates for the online national individual competition. More information will be e-mailed and updated on our Facebook Page closer to the competition events.


Round I

Practice Objective Tests:


Round II

Scrimmage Objective Tests:

State Directors

Round III

Competition Objective Tests:
Requires an adult proctor

Nationals Testing

Practice: TBD
Requires an adult proctor

You'll fit right in

There are 3 divisions in the USAD Individual Competition.

We divide students into divisions based on their state, school, GPA, and USAD relationship. Review the descriptions below to register to compete.

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Division I

  • Home School Students
  • Gifted and Talented Program Students
  • Traditional School Students
  • Over the age of 13
This division offers high school students who do not have access to the traditional USAD Team Competition an opportunity to experience USAD. Are you learning in a non-traditional setting? Enrolled in a school that does not participate in USAD?

Division II

  • Current Decathlete
  • Alternate Decathlete
  • Non-Decathlete (going to a school that has a USAD team)
  • Over the age of 13
If your school team is eliminated from USAD team competition, this is your division. Online testing will begin at Round II for all members of this division. If your school has a team and you didn't register to compete, you'll also join this division and start competing at Round II.

Division III

  • International high school students
  • Over the age of 13
USAD Individual Competition offers international high school students who do not have access to the traditional USAD Team Competition an opportunity to experience USAD.

Students from the People's Republic of China: You will have a custom registration. Please contact us and advise you are from China if you are interested in participating.