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Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition is personalized for you!

Go Individual!

No Team?
No Problem.

  • Home School Students
  • Alternative School Students
  • Gifted and Talented Program Students
  • Traditional School Students

Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition offers high school students who do not have access to the traditional Academic Decathlon® Team Competition an opportunity to experience Academic Decathlon®. Are you learning in a non-traditional setting? Enrolled in a school, but not part of the Academic Decathlon® team? Enrolled in a school that does not participate in Academic Decathlon? This competition's for you!


School has a Team? Compete Here.

  • Current Decathlete
  • Alternate Decathlete
  • Non-Decathlete

If your school has an Academic Decathlon® Team, good news. If your team is eliminated from competition, it's not over! You can continue to compete at an international level through the Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition.  Enroll here for the next round beginning with Round II.

If you are an alternate or your team has been eliminated, you can join the Individual Competition as well. Enroll here for the next round beginning with Round II.

Maybe you didn't try out for the school's team. You too can compete in the Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition. Enroll here for the next round beginning with Round II.

International Student? You can join too.

  • International high school students over the age of 13

Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition offers international high school students who do not have access to the traditional Academic Decathlon® Team Competition an opportunity to experience Academic Decathlon®.

Go to International Academy for Social Development to get started!*  

*This link leads to an external site specifically for International Students to sign up.

Academic Decathlon® Curriculum and Theme

Eight of the ten traditional Academic Decathlon® events are presented in the Individual Competition online: Art, Economics, Essay, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, and Social Science.

The 2018 - 2019 season curricular theme is The 1960s: A Transformational Decade.

Official Academic Decathlon® Online Competition

Participating students will experience the same level of tests as all other students competing in any of the Academic Decathlon® competitions.

All competitions will be held online on the official Academic Decathlon® online testing site. For the 2018 - 2019 season, Individuals will not be involved in the onsite Nationals. Individuals participating in the final round are scheduled to compete in the USAD® Individual Competition Final - Nationals (online).

More information will be posted on the Home Page closer to the competition events.

Round I  -  Practice
Objective Tests: 
Round II  -  Scrimmage
´╗┐Essay:  | Objective Tests: 
Round III  -  Competition
´╗┐Essay:  | Objective Tests: 
Final  -  Nationals
Practice Essay and Art: 
Essay and Art: 
Remaining Objective Tests:  

(USAD® Online National Contestant Schedule)


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