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Welcome to the Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition!

An Opportunity to be Invited to Nationals in Texas

Participants of the Online Individual Competition have an opportunity to be invited to the USAD® National Competition in Frisco, TX, April 19 – 21, 2018. A team of USAD® staff and select State Directors will determine the individuals invited using a round robin method based on the student's category, round III score, state and school. A minimum of 18 US Individuals will be invited to Frisco. Additional invitations may be extended, space permitting.

State Score:

  • US Academic Decathlon® state level participants submit their total objective score from that competition during the registration process.
  • USAD® Individual Competition participants submit their round III total objective score during the round IV registration process.

Registration Process:

  1. Students need to register for round IV on the Indivdividual Competition website if they have not participated in previous rounds I, II or III of the Individual Competition. Registration opens March 1.
  2. All students participating in round IV of th USAD Individual Competition need to complete the registration process. This includes students who just registered for round IV and those who participated in rounds I, II or III of the Indivdiual Competition.

Registraion Deadlines:
The registration deadline is based on the date of the student's state competition. For registration deadlines, visit Individual Registration.

If a student is invited and accepts, there is a separate $250 fee to participate in Texas Nationals.

Important note:
The students who are members of teams invited to represent their state in the USAD Large, Medium or Small Online National Competitions are not allowed to disband their team and compete as individuals. 

Prepare for scholastic achievement through the proven Academic Decathlon® program. 

Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition offers the same outstanding curriculum  — and superior level of competition — that has drawn top student scholars to Academic Decathlon® teams for nearly twenty years.


Round III - State Competition is Underway

  With the essay test complete, USAD® Individual Competition Round III - Scrimmage continues with the objective tests on Friday, March 9. The testing window is open from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. This round is open to Group 1 and Group 2 registered students. 

Individual competitors will take seven, 30 minute objective tests. There will be one test per subject: Art, Economics, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science and Social Science. All testing will be done online on the offical USAD® testing website, http://usadtest.com

Participating students were sent their login credentials after registration was completed. Objective testing instructions were sent out Wednesday, March 7. Please use Contact Us if you need your login credentials or have any questions.

The objective score total from this round can be submitted to be considered for an invitation to the US Academic Decathlon® Nationals. 

Registration is Open for Group 2 High School Students

  Alternates or students eliminated from team competition, join today and continue your journey into Africa! Interested in participating in the USAD® Individual Competition? Sign-up today!

Use the same study materials you used while studying with the team.

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Registration is Open for Group 1 High School Students

  Join today and journey into Africa! Interested in participating in the USAD® Individual Competition? If you are a high school student and are home schooled, attend a non-traditional school or attend a traditional school that does not participate in the USAD® team decathlon sign-up today!

Registration includes electronic study materials and a subscription to the USAD® Online Testing and Training Center. Check it out!

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Round III - State Competition is Underway

Group 2 Registration is Open

Group 1 Registration is Open

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Group 1 Registration is Open
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