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Get Started: Choose the Registration for You

For Home Schooled Students or Students with no Academic Decathlon® School Team

Register and purchase the packet of official United States Academic Decathlon® curriculum materials. With each registration you will receive:

  • 1 electronic set of all the Resource Guides, art images and music CD.
  • 1 individual subscription to the Online Training Center.
  • Up to 4 rounds of competition.
  • The opportunity to win certificates or medals at the international level.

Registration is open. Registration and materials are only $270.70 per individual for the entire academic school year, 2018-2019.

For Students with an Academic Decathlon® Team at Their School

Once your school's team has been eliminated or you're an alternate, register here to reserve your place in the next round of 2018-2019 United States Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition. (This registration does not include study materials.)

With each registration you will receive:

  • Up to 3 rounds of competition beginning with Round II, III or the Finals.
  • The opportunity to be recognized with certificates or medals.


Registration will open later in the season. Cost is $145.00 per individual for up to 3 rounds of competition.


For International Students

Go to the International Academy for Social Development to register.

Interested in training online?
Then check out the
Academic Decathlon® Online Training Center.

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