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Curriculum Outlines

Curriculum topics cover subject fundamentals and also focus on Academic Decathlon's 2017-2018 theme, Africa. Each subject area has a complete topic outline. More..

Curriculum Updates

Academic Decathlon® posts information as curriculum material for each subject is updated. PDF files for any updated document pages are available for downloading. More.. 

Curriculum Development

The Academic Decathlon® Curriculum Advisory Group assists in the development of the United States Academic Decathlon® curriculum by suggesting and selecting curricular themes, providing feedback on subject area topics, and reviewing the subject area outlines, selected poems, artworks, etc. More..

Academic Decathlon® Curriculum / International Standards

The United States Academic Decathlon's curriculum is an interdisciplinary curriculum in which a selected theme is integrated across six different subject areas: art, economics, literature, music, science, and social science. More..


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