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2012-13 Individual Competition Highlights - Russia

First Time Individual Competition Students Competed at Nationals
Based on their scores in Round III – Competition, the top 3 students in these divisions; honors, scholastic and varsity were invited to attend Nationals along with the USAD State Champion and 1st place State Runner-up teams. The National Finals were held April 27 in Minneapolis, MN.

Attending from California were Daniel S., Tatiana O., and Isaiah E. In attendance from Texas were Cody N., Isabel G. and Alexander S. Congratulations on making it to Nationals!

Students competed in Interview and Speech plus the 7 core subjects; Art, Economics, Language and Literature Mathematics, Music, Science and Social Science. Daniel S. earned a bronze metal in Economics, Honors Division. Well done, Daniel!


Finals  |  Online Nationals
With a focus on Russia, students studied seven academic subjects throughout the 2012 – 2013 USAD Individual Competition season:Art, Economics, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science and Social Science. The season culminated with the 2nd Individual National Online Competition on April 26, 2013. Students from various states across the US participated.

Winning 1st place overall was Aaron C., Texas. Achieving 2nd place was William P., Ohio. Capturing 3rd was a student from Utah, Diantha L. View the overall top online placement list.

Aaron placed first in 4 subjects: Economics (tie), Mathematics, Science (tie) and Social Science. He attained his top score in Economics. William obtained first in 3 subjects: Economics (tie), Music and Science (tie). His top score was in Economics also. Diantha placed first in 2 subjects: Art and Language & Literature. She acquired her top score in Art. This is the second time that Diantha has placed in the Individual Competition. During the 2012-13 season, she came in 2nd overall.

Another student to achieve 1st place in a subject was Ally R., Ohio, earning 1st place in Economics (tie). See the complete list of top scores by subject.

Congratulations to all student participants on a job well done!


Round III  |  Competition
The third Individual challenge was held online Saturday, March 16, 2013. Art, Mathematics, Music, Economics, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science and Social Science, centered around a Russian theme, were the competition subjects.

Congratulations to the winners! Coming in 1st place with the highest overall score was Daniel Seong, Granada Hills Charter High School, CA. He took 1st place in six subjects. Primrose Mangilog, Oakwood High School, OH captured 2nd place, taking 2nd in four subjects. Tatiana Olivera, Ceres High School, CA came in 3rd. She had the top score in Language and Literature. Check out all the subject winners!

All students that participated are eligible to participate in Round IV - Online Individual Nationals, if they are not involved in the USAD Individual Nationals in Minneapolis, MN.


Round II  |  Trials
The second round of the USAD® Individual Competition was held online February 1 - 2. The Russian themed competition covered 7 subjects; Science, Language and Literature, Art, Mathematics, Music, Social Science, and Economics.

Andrew Loera from Golden Valley High, CA took 1st place. Second place honors went to Juhi Saxena from Phillips Academy in Massachusetts. Capturing 3rd place was Cesar Andrade from Golden Valley High, CA. 

Subject Winners
Art:  Andrew Loera
Economics:  Andrew Loera
Language and Literature:  Andrew Loera
Mathematics:  Juan Jauregui and Andrew Loera
Music:  Cesar Andrade and Emmanuel Magana
Science:  Cesar Andrade and Travis Beebe
Social Science:  Travis Beebe


Round I   |  Warm Up
The first round of competition for the 2012 - 2013 season was held December 6 - 8. Based on the theme, "Russia", the competition included tests covering 7 subjects; Art, Economics, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science and Social Science.

Juhi Saxena of Phillips Academy in Massachusetts placed 1st. Her top score was in Art. Hannah Skaran, a student at Legacy High School in Colorado, placed 2nd. Her top score was in Science. Congratulations!


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