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Competition News

2014-2015 Individual Competition Highlights - New Alternatives in Energy: Ingenuity and Innovation

Round IV  |  Individual Decathletes Competed at Nationals in California
Once again, Academic Decathlon® Individuals went to the USAD National Competition! The 2014 - 2015 Nationals were held in Garden Grove, California on April 16th - 18th. 

This season Individual Competition Decathletes were classified, based on their school status, into competition groups; homeschooled, enrolled in a school not participating in Academic Decathlon
® or attending a school that participates in Academic Decathlon®.

The top students of the competition groups in each academic division; Honors, Scholastic and Varsity; qualified to go to the USAD National Competition. Qualification was based on their overall objective test scores in Round III or State competition. The division cutoff for qualification was Honors - 5,970 points, Scholastic - 5,080 points, and Varsity - 3,050 points.

 To view the Individual Decathletes who competed in the 2014-2015 Nationals in Garden Grove, California, 
Click Here.

The Individual Decathletes did a fine job at Nationals, winning a number of awards in the various events. Congratulations to all the Individual Awards winners!

Check out all the National Final Results.



RoundIV  |  Online Nationals
A number of students participated  this year in the Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition Online Nationals. The Decathletes were classified by school status and then academic division.

Congratulations to the overall top scoring individuals enrolled in a school that participates in Academic Decathlon®!

Overall Top Placement
1st Joshua L., CA
  2nd Joseph R., TX
  3rd Symona S., CA
1st Michael T., TX
  2nd Ben F., CA
  3rd Mary C., MS
1st Mi C., CA
  2nd Maddison T., ID
  3rd John J., OH

 Check out the winners for each test. Congratulations, Decathletes!

Round III  |  Competition
Competition began on March 6 with the Essay test. This was followed by the 7 objective subject tests on March 13. Decathletes, in this round, were grouped by school status and then by academic category, which is based on their school GPA.

Congratulations to the overall winners!

Overall Top Placement
Home Schooled Students 
1st Joshua V., CA
Schools without an Academic Team
1st Huajie H., IL
Schools with an Academic Team
1st Apolonia G., CA
  2nd Hannah X., TX
  3rd Kassandra L., TX
1st Andrew S., TX
  2nd Monica L., TX
  3rd Joel M., TX
1st Isidro J., TX
´╗┐Students who were homeschooled students, were not part of an Academic Decathlon® team and were eliminated during team competition were eligible to participate. In addition alternates were also eligible provided they did not compete at the state level with their team and the team state competition was held on or before March 6.´╗┐

Top scores for each event coming soon.

Round II  |  Scrimmage
This season, during the second round of competition, Decathletes competed by taking an Essay test on February 10 followed by the objective tests on February 20. The round included testing in 8 events; Art, Economics, Essay, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, and Social Science.

Listed are the overall winners by school status and division. Congratulations!

Overall Top Placement
Home Schooled Students 
1st Joshua V., CA
Students from Schools without an Academic Team
1st Huajie H., IL
Students from Schools with an Academic Team
1st Zarah G., CA
  2nd Hannah X., TX
  3rd Martin G., CA
1st Andrew S., TX
1st Mi Ran C., CA
In this round, students who were on an Academic Decathlon® team that was eliminated during team competition, homeschooled students, and students not on an Academic Decathlon® team were eligible to participate.

See the top scores for each event.

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