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Welcome to the Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition!

Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition has been created to help you achieve your individual academic goals.

Home schools students, alternative school students, and Academic Decathlon® team members and alternates, this competition is for you! As an Individual you can be part of the excitement.


Prepare for scholastic achievement through the proven Academic Decathlon® program. 

Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition offers the same outstanding curriculum  — and superior level of competition — that has drawn top student scholars to Academic Decathlon® teams for nearly twenty years.


Online USAD® Individual Final - Nationals

  Results were sent to the participating students on May 10. Awards were also sent out later this month to the address provided in the student's Parent Permission Form.

Congratulations to the overall top individual decathletes!

Home Schooled or from Schools without an Academic Team
1st  Richard B., IL
  2nd  Kimberly D., TX
  3rd  Yu Jin Julie S., CA
Schools with an Academic Team
1st  Hannah H., CA
  2nd  Sohpie C., TX
  3rd  Kyle C., CA
1st  Daniel M., TX
  2nd  Kenny L., CA
  3rd  Ryan J., CA
1st  Daniel W., CA
2nd  Dongho K., CA
3rd  Grace G., CA

Individual Decathletes to Participate in USAD® Nationals

  This year USAD Nationals were held in Frisco, Texas from April 19 - 21.

The following students participated in Frisco as Individuals:

Joseph Wolf AK
Steven Chin CA
Elisabeth Stankevitz CT
Noah Boquet IA
Ava Cheers IL
Nikhil Kalghatgi IL
Neeharika Kothapalli KS
Ian Youth ME
Benjamin Stever-Zeitlin MN
Aidan Buechler NE
Isaiah Hogue NE
Samantha Auditore OH
Will Janning OH
Leven Ward TN
Hannah Lee TX
Hanor Smith TX
Haolin Deng WA

Congratulations to all the Individuals who won medals in the 10 events. Check out the results from Nationals.



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Online USAD® Individual Online Nationals

Individual Decathletes Participated in USAD® Nationals

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